What To Look Out For In Technology In 2013

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What to look out for in tech in 2013
Here's our quick rundown of 13 key technology launches and evolutions that will be taking place in the coming 12 months.

Early in the year, we’ll see the much-anticipated ‘comeback’ of Blackberry, with its make-or-break new BB10. Can it scale the heights again?

Expect new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, a lot of new Applegear - and some unexpected tech surprises.

Here's our quick rundown of 13 key technology launches and evolutions that will be taking place in the coming 12 months.
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A new updated Xbox
When Microsoft finally announce the successor to its best-selling Xbox 360 console, we very much doubt it will actually be called the Xbox 720. The machine looks set to have - according to the rumours - Microsoft’s motion-sensing Kinect at its heart, doing away with the need for controllers. It could also feature Blu-ray - plus a far bigger slant towards downloadable games and content. Microsoft want their box to be the hub of every living room, hence the release of all sorts of apps for the Xbox 360 bringing films, music and connectivity to the console. The good news is, we could see it on the shelves just ahead of Christmas 2013.

The follow-up to the PlayStation 3
Rumours are now swirling that the PlayStation 4 won't actually arrive in the flesh until Spring 2014 - but it will probably first be on display E3 in 2013. A recent leak suggested its classic-design controller will split in two to enable it to also become a Move sensor. It would be surprising if it wasn't called the PlayStation 4 given previous naming conventions - it’s also rumoured to have 4K resolution compatibility, and could be the first mainstream gadget to show films at four times hi-def resolution.

See the bigger picture with 4K
Next year should see the arrival of the first mainstream TVs featuring 4K, also known as Ultra High Definition or UHD. It has four times the resolution of 1080p HD - it's already been used during the Olympics with the resulting images shown on massive cinema screens. It will take a few years for mass-market pricing of tellies - the first two are more than £20,000 apiece - but broadcasters including the BBC are already experimenting with it.

Print your own products at home in 3D
The 3D printing phenomenon has already caused excitement in 2012 but next year it should really explode into homes thanks to mainstream machines like MakerBot and the Cubify Cube. Both should fall below the £1,000 mark allowing home inventors to create designs and turn them into real and colourful hard plastic products from the comfort of their living rooms. By building up a product in tiny layers using plastic mainly, but also metal on more expensive machines, we could eventually be printing out shoes, jewellery and even musical instruments from designs we buy on the web.

Apple's iPhone 6, iPad 5 and iPad mini 2
It wouldn't be a surprise to see the iPad mini gain a Retina screen, an addition which could potentially make it the best tablet computer available - and rumour suggests this could happen sooner rather than later. A much thinner iPad 5 in-keeping with the new iPod touch and Mac ranges would be likely while an iPhone 6 will no doubt arrive in September or October with many moaning it's failed once more to live up to the hype and rumour, despite millions still buying it. By then Apple will hopefully have sorted their Maps too. Who knows, we may well see that much talked about Apple TV as well!

The wide availability of 4G
The past couple of months have seen the first superfast mobile network launched in Britain from Orange and T-Mobile owners EE. But in 2013, we will see Vodafone, O2 and possibly 3 come to the party once the Government holds its much-anticipated 4G Auction. They're in desperate need of the cash it will raise too, so it shouldn't be much longer until a fair chunk of the country has the ability to download