What Triggered The Detroit Riots Of 1967?

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1.What triggered the Detroit Riots of 1967?
A) The murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
B) The arrest by police of a bartender and 82 customers at a "blind pig" in the dilapidated, predominantly black 12th Street area.
C) The decision by a white-owned corporation to close a grocery store on 12th Street--the only grocery store for miles around and one that catered almost exclusively to black residents.
D) The killing of a black teenager by white police officers who mistook the youth for someone who had robbed a convenience store.
2.With performers like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gay, the Temptations, and Diana Ross and the Supremes, Motown Records changed music history. Who founded Motown Records in 1959?
A) Berry Gordy
B) Smokey Robinson
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A) Gerald R. Ford
B) Carl Levin
C) Philip A. Hart
D) Arthur H. Vandenberg
17.Who was elected Detroit's first black mayor?
A) Dennis Archer
B) William Hart
C) Coleman A. Young
D) Kwame Kilpatrick
18.In 1973, when the Michigan Chemical Corporation accidentally mixed its highly toxic chemical fire retardant, P.B.B., with "Nutrimaster," a food supplement for dairy cattle, what did the press call the resulting scandal?
A) Dairygate
B) Nutrigate
C) Cattlegate
D) Moogate
19.What long-time Michigan politician was named by President Richard Nixon to replace Spiro T. Agnew as vice president in 1973?
A) William Milliken
B) Philip A. Hart
C) Gerald R. Ford
D) George W. Romney
20.What prominent former president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters was reported missing on July 31, 1975 and was never seen again?
A) Frank Fitzsimmons
B) Walter Reuther
C) Jimmy Hoffa
D) Charles "Chuckie" O'Brien
21.Although road deicing salt is the only product currently being produced by the Detroit Salt Company, what other industries were once large customers of Detroit's salt mine?
A) U.S. Army (who used salt to prevent radiation from leaking out of stored nuclear weapons)
B) leather and food industries
C) businesses and museums (who paid large sums to store their records and priceless artifacts in the mine's tunnels)
D) health organizations (who sent patients underground to seek relief from certain medical ailments)
22.Between 1960-1970, Detroit lost 10 percent of its population while