What Was The Professional Organization You Choose And Why?

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Cortni Haney
Foundations of Nursing
Professional Development 1. What was the professional organization you choose and why?
The professional organization I chose to research was the Emergency Nursing Association (ENA). Since experiencing a traumatic and life changing event that turned my family upside down 4 years ago, I decided I wanted to find a career in nursing. More than just being a nurse, I wanted to participate in trauma care and emergency nursing. These are the kind of nurses that saved not only my premature and lifeless son at birth, but also the ones who saved my sister after a horrific car crash that should have left her dead. Through my research of the ENA, I found there to be many of paths for BSN level RN trauma nurses such as international and disaster relief nursing and also military nursing. Developing a sense of knowledge of what the requirements are for each level of nursing will ultimately help me in choosing which field of nursing I can help best and give back to the communities I will serve.

2. What did you learn while visiting their website?
From visiting the ENA.org website I learned of the many benefits the ENA has to offer. ENA serves members from every segment of emergency nursing with more than 39,000 members worldwide.} No matter what clinical role you serve, or where you practice, {ENA provides leadership, professional development and representation to help you develop your career.} In order to maintain and protect the high standards of emergency nursing, ENA maintains an alliance with the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN). By joining the ENA as a nursing student, you are entitled to free resources such as Mosbys Nursing Consultant – ENA edition and Mosbys Nursing Skills – ENA edition. Also provided are various networking opportunities to {state council, chapter, and national events.} Another major benefit of membership to the ENA for nursing students is the scholarship and