What Was the Trench Life Like? Essay

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The Middle Way and the 8-fold paths 1. The 8-fold paths are following
1. Right Views: To keep our selves free of prejudice and superstition, and to see the true nature of life.

2. Right Thoughts: To turn our minds away from the violence and hatred in this world.

3. Right Speech: To refrain from harmful talk and to use our words wisely.

4. Right Conduct: To see that our deeds come from peace and goodwill. To grew every day in the Buddha's Teachings.

5. Right Livelihood: To try to earn our living in such a way that we avoid evil karma.

6. Right Energy: To use our energies to promote the overcoming ignorance and destructive desires.

7. Right Mindfulness: To cherish a good mind, for all that we think and do have their roots in the mind.

8. Right Meditation: To study the Teachings of the Buddha and to practice them to the best of our abilities.

"Once I was staying with my mother in London. At the time she was the housekeeper for a very wealthy Canadian who lived in a luxury flat just off Hyde Park. They all went off for a while, and I had the flat to myself. There I was in London, living in this luxurious flat with two huge color television sets and all the food I could possibly eat! I had enough money for whatever I wanted, lots of records, and lots of everything. But I was so bored!
I told myself, "Please remember this. If you are ever tempted to think that physical comfort gives happiness, remember this."
But then, another time…