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What Will My Life Be Like?

High School Graduation
Some goals that I have for high school graduation would to be fluent in Spanish, have a steady job, have a lot of good friends, and of course to be able to look back and say that I enjoyed my high school career. I hope to participate in Spanish Club, be in curling, tennis, and do a lot to have helped out our school. When I am sitting at the graduation ceremony I hope to be able to look at any of my fellow classmates and be able to smile at them and get a smile in return.
After High School After high school I would like to immediately enroll in college, have a job where I will be staying, and be enjoying my college career. I would love to go to UW Eau Claire. I am planning to get an apartment off campus, but close to it, just like my sister is doing. I would like to get a job in a restaurant as a waitress because they make good tips and I think it would be fun to never what to expect when you go to work.
Your First Job(s) One career path that I am very interested in is in the medical field. Anything a long that road would be perfect, but I would really love to be a pediatrician. I would like to be a pediatrician because I hate when I see babies or little kids in the hospital waiting room. I always want to go up to them and ask them what is wrong, is there any pain and if so where, and just make them feel better. I think that I would be good at that because I am a real people person and I love little kids.