Essay about What would you Do ? and 18 th Birthday

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1. How would you feel if you discovered you were going to be unwound? What would you do? If you didn’t want to go along, but couldn’t run away like Connor and the others in the novel, what other options might you have?

-. Being “unwound” was a topic that everyone knew but no one spoke about. It was a sign that a child’s parent had lost all hope and will for its own flesh and blood. They would divert to the easier way, having them live in a “divided state”. Discovering that your own parents are sending you off would bring a flood of emotions, anger, disappointment, and most of all, regret. I would have never expected for the people who brought me into the world have their backs suddenly turned on what they created. Thoughts of fleeing would occur but in the end, I would rather know what drove my parents to the drastic decision. In turn, I would have asked my parents to cover up for me as I search for other means of living. Having the option of running away diminished, the only other way to survive would be to change your looks and possibly hide with a family member on till your 18th birthday arrives, legally being free from any possibilities of being unwound..

2. How would you feel if you were in an accident, or had a rare disease, and you could only be cured if your damaged organs were replaced by parts taken from unwound teens. What would you choose to do? What if you were certain to die if you refused the parts? What if it wasn’t you, but someone you loved (a parent, a sibling) who was in an accident? Would your answer be different?

-If I was to have an organ or something replaced by someone else, I guess I wouldn't really think about where it came from. More like, if this could save my life then I would be happy. However, if I actually knew where it came from it would be a lot different, maybe i wouldn't accept it. If it was someone I loved, I would tell them to get it replaced by someone's organ. Anything for the people I love to be alive.

3. When do you think the story takes place? The book never reveals the year. How many years in the future might it be? What clues hint at how much time has passed? What companies or products are named? What societal norms can you point to that have changed or remained the same? What are the similarities between the world of Unwind and our own world? What are the differences?

-I believe the story takes place in a not-so-distant-future, about 10 to 15 years from now. There aren't many clues or hints about the time that has passed, besides the fact that they have the technology to unwind humans, but even now we have that technology at our disposal. The major money making business in the book unwind is, the business of unwinding a child; it is a convenience for parents and a major industry.
4.Which of the three main characters, Connor, Risa, or Lev, do you most identify with? Why? What traits do you have in common? Which of their traits work for them, and which make their lives harder? Which of your own traits would you like to give up? Which would you want to keep?

-I would identify myself most like Connor. Just like Connor I would do anything to survive and destroy anything in my path to. We are both typically sarcastic and possessors of leader rules with everything we do. Being a leader makes him the quick-thinking survivalist he is, but not thinking and just doing things at risk makes his life a whole lot harder. I would never like to give up any of my traits because they make me who I am today, I would like to keep all of them.

5.In the course of the book, Connor and Risa get separated from Lev, who travels for a time with another character. Why do you think the author chose to split the narrative into two distinct threads? What do you think this achieves? How does this affect the evolution of the characters?

-I believe the author separated the two into two distinctive threads create a more dramatic filled story by showing the reader it’s harder