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Media Release
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, October 17, 2012 – LaFleur Trading Company, a global provider of fine foods and wines, today announced plans to launch a new location in Mexico City, Mexico. The company currently has trading partners in countries across the globe including China, Japan, Europe, the United States, Central and South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The addition of a Mexico location will provide the company with the opportunity to penetrate a new market, as well as be the first-of-its-kind food purveyor in Mexico City. “The markets are continuing to change, and we are seeing an emergence of specialty stores in locations that were previously unavailable,” said John Doe, President and CEO for LeFleur Trading Company. “An expansion into Mexico City provides the perfect opportunity for us to expand our brand, and offer our services to an entirely new demographic. This is in direct alignment with our corporate goal of offering families a way to enjoy food and flavors from around the world at a lower than expected cost.”
For 35 years LeFleur Trading Company has made it easy and affordable for everyone to the finest gourmet and organic foods at a reasonable price.The company a wide variety of seafood, fruits and vegetables, cheese and wine—more than half of which are exclusive—at guaranteed lowest prices. Plans for the new location in Mexico City are currently underway with an opening scheduled for early 2013. For more information on LeFleur Trading Company, visit the website at

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