What business and social problems does data center power consumption cause? Essay

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1. What business and social problems does data center power consumption cause?
Data center power consumption economically affects businesses and environmentally affects society. Operating costs for data centers is very expensive. In the article, "Ubiquitous Green Computing Techniques for High Demand Applications in Smart Environments," the total operating costs, concerning electricity, of all data centers within the U.S. alone exceeded 7 billion dollars in 2010 (Ayala, J., Moya, J., Risco-Martín, J., Sanchez, C., Zapater, M. 2012). The article then explains that data centers consumed 61 billion kilowatt-hours in 2006;the Environmental Protection Agency provided this statistic to the US Congress in a report from 2007 (Ayala, J., Moya,
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Work information is synced with employees so they can access it on the move, keeping them up to date. The South African Journal of Business Management stated a large motivation for using a personal Smartphone is due to convenience (Chigona, 2012).Employees can check their email without having to login to different systems. The employee is also familiar with the Smartphone, this will allow for higher production.
Some disadvantages are security risk and cyber slacking. According to Mahesh and Hooter (2013): “The challenge facing the business network manager is the need to securely manage company data on that device and in transit between the device and the corporate IT system. The device itself must be secured and needs to be tested to meet security standards. The task is further complicated by the need to understand security across many different devices and platforms.” With the use of social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, an employee is much more likely to engage in cyber slacking or the use of internet for personal instead of work related reasons (Kalkbrenner, 2011).Furthermore,aSmartphone can serve as a channel to connect to one's personal life while at work; inversely, it can serve as a channel to connect to one's work when out of the office. Having the device makes both worlds readily available and can blur the boundaries between work and leisure(Ivarsson, & Larsson, 2011). In