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Horse Sense Dissection

Long-shots: For the Stupid and extremely intelligent
Hard Work Horse = (100 to 1) Many try and many fail, as the only ones who get noticed are by accident or marketed themselves effectively. Use only to figure out the answers and the plan to move forward on.
IQ Horse = (75 to 1) Intelligence leads to doing everything yourself and many find themselves unsuccessful due to not being able to ask for help and garnering support. Use only to manipulate to the top, and ask for help.
Education Horse = (60 to 1) Being highly educated will bring you the research and engineer jobs, but do not translate to success; use only to get into the race
Medium Shots = For the un-ambitious
Company Horse = (50 to 1) Do not go where the money is, but where the prestige is. Ask not what I can do for my company, but what my company can do to me. Use top companies to boost your resume, no more no less.
The Creativity Horse = (25 to 1) Jump only on this horse if you have it, you find talent that you can sell and ride to success (Beatles), or have endorsed into success
Hobby Horse = (20 to 1) Do something you love on the side and turn it into success or meld it into your day job. (Pet Projects)
Geography Horse = (15 to 1) Leave where you are to find where the low hanging and greater opportunities are (Third/Second World Countries)
The Publicity Horse = (10 to 1) Be famous for something, anything and leverage it for life by being shocking, controversial and more famous
Short Shot = Be in the right place at the right time The Product Horse = (5 to 1) Utilize the success of all the other horses to bolster yourself into success by association through their genius, products, and work. May even be bringing what’s already made to a new market or expanding ideas and solutions where none are or exist.

What I need to do?
Quit relying on myself (Hard Work, IQ, and Education Horse) and socialize with important people (Finding Medium and Short Shots).
Find a job with a big name company.
All the while: Continue Tinkering with my pet projects. (Hobby Horse) Continue becoming a global business man. (Geography Horse) Find someone who has created a successful idea, buy him out before it sky-rockets, and run it into success. Rinse, Wash, and Repeat. (Creativity and Product Horse)
Partner up with someone. (Family or friends)
Never work in corporate, military, or highly political companies unless you have the in.
Become a Consultant and mingle with the elite
Become an