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Learning something new is very enjoyable. In this unit I read masses of things that helped me a lot. In section I, I recall reading that rubrics will help me do well on my assignments and manage my time better. For section II, I learned how the "discussion" works. Messages are called "posts" and we should always participate in every discussion because it will be graded. The teacher will put a topics or questions and we students are supposed to respond. A thread is a post that we are making when we participate in a discussion. I am very new to this kind of studying but I am learning more than going to High School. When I read a word that I do not know, I just ask my older sister or look it up on the thesaurus. On Section III; I mostly know all of it but I got something new in that section. I learned the "Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers" or the IEEE format. From my understanding, IEEE format is about writing a research papers about computer science. Another thing is while I was reading about "footnotes" on section III, I recognized it when I was still going in High School. Footnotes really do help a lot because when I do not know the word it is easy to find on the references or the definition of the word. Lastly Section IV,in this section I learned masses of things. One is I did not know that English has a lot of combination of several languages like, Old English, Latin, Greek and more. I reviewed the "Latin & Greek Root Words" and I kind of understand it I just need to work on it more.…