What I Learned About the Executive Branch Essay

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While I researched and browsed all the popular news sites on the internet this summer in the process of making this scrapbook I stumbled across many news which gave me a much broader understanding of what the president, the vice president, and the fifteen Cabinet-Level Executive Departments where about, what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. I learned so many things that I can barely list them because much of the information has encrypted in my head and it converted itself into knowledge rather than easily available information to spur out at request. Among the much information that I learned about the executive branch of the United States of America I came across things that I really liked and things I didn’t like so much. I learned about the president signing bills, the vice president giving important speeches and being at special events, and about the cabinet members working hard on making this great country of ours a better place. I learned that the reasons that I didn’t appreciate many of the things that this branch did, or failed to do, is because they are of a special way of thinking. They are Democratically leaning politicians and policy-makers. People In office who look after a set of interest that very much appeal to the left-leaning type of voters. I am not exactly right leaning but this made me realize how important this branch is and how voting really influences the future of this nation. All the branches closely monitoring each other maintaining…