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Since I started college at Johnson state I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do after college. When I was younger I was told every day that I needed to figure that out if I wanted to be successful when I grew up. The problem is that I just don’t know exactly what it is I want to do yet. The thought of being able to do that sounds good to me but the process of actually figuring that out is slowly becoming a nightmare. I am interested in Criminal Justice and History. In Criminal Justice I would want to work in the FBI or CIA. When I get there I want to be a field agent and work in the criminal division. The thought of solving crimes and helping families cope with the tragic occurrence is something I would enjoy doing. While with History I have always enjoyed learning about the past and have wanted to study Religion. I have always been interested in the origins of religion and how they came to be so popular and widely accepted, as well as how the religion came to be. Also major events such as wars and the history of where we live and what people we have originated from is also very interesting to me. Both careers seem like jobs I would enjoy doing. In Criminal Justice helping people is something I have always wanted to do but stopping criminals and keeping the peace is the main reason I want to work in this field. I want to study these criminals to help prevent further attempts and protect people from major events that have happened in the past. For example someone like Ted Bundy or Charles Manson would be a great example of people I would want to stop. Every kid is interested in being a special agent when they are growing up. Carrying a gun, catching bad guys, being the hero, what doesn’t sound appealing about that? The T.V. shows portrait it differently from what it actually is and I have realized that. Being a special agent isn’t like the show NCIS or CSI, you are most likely spending most of your work days at a desk and it is sometimes dangerous but nothing like the shows on T.V. In History I have always been excited about Religion. It astounds me that so many people would believe in one belief, based off a book written 3500 years ago. The whole topic always confuses me and is probably the reason I am interested. I want to learn all the different kinds of religions, their origins, how they started, mostly everything and anything dealing with how they started and why they started. Within religion I am also interested in the secret orders such as the illuminati. Studying the old churches and religious buildings such as the Vatican would be extremely interesting to me and I could see myself doing it for work. Both careers would require extensive study and determination. With Criminal Justice to join FBI, I would have to pass phase 1 and 2, the physical requirements, background check, and then I would be accepted into the FBI Academy, which doesn’t guarantee me a job it just gives me the opportunity. Phase 1 consist of several written test at the FBI were only the most competitive candidates are called back. Phase 2 consist of a writing test and an in-person interview conducted by current FBI Agents. If you pass this then you are eligible for the physical test. In the test you have to be able to do the maximum amount of sit-ups in one minute, pass a 300 meter timed sprint, the maximum number of push-ups (not timed), and a timed mile and a half run. If you complete all of the above you are then invited to the FBI Academy were they will be trained for 21 weeks at Quantico in Virginia, one of the world’s finest law enforcement training facilities, After 21 weeks if they have passed all the Academy requirements: more physical tests, firearm test, practical application exercises, and defense tactics, then they are finally there and in the FBI. This is where they will be able to choose the field of choice: Intelligence,