What I would Tell America's Founding Fathers Essay

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What I Would Tell America’s Founding Fathers

Dear founding fathers of the United States of America,
I would like to address this letter to you all to inform you on our economy and society nowadays that you may find appalling. The U.S. government has collected a national debt that is quickly reaching 14 trillion dollars, but we are trying our best to reduce this amount everyday. Many individual Americans owe over 849 dollars on student loans, which is usually more than they owe on their credit cards, though it is good we are trying to further our education, but most Americans that have recently graduated college are shown to move back in with their parents instead of purchasing a house of their own. I would like to inform you all that one out of eight Americans are currently in the food stamp program, which is a program designed to provide financial assistance for purchasing food for either low or no income families. This program has come to be considered “normal” among many people. I feel as if this program has made many Americans become ‘lazy’. Present day families of four legitimately undergo trouble to survive on a salary of 50,000 dollars or more because of the great advancement in technology. It currently takes the average unemployed American over eight months to find a new job. The average American worker pays many different kinds of taxes each year. Some Christians have been arrested and thrown in jail for passing out Christian literature in public which