What's Your Favorite Vacation Destination Spot Essay

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I would like to visit The Great Wall of China if I could have a chance.It is one of the greatest wonders in the world and it was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO(Unite Nations Educational ,scientific,and Cultural Organization) in 1987. It is one of the most appealing attractions around the world because of its architectural grandeur and cultural importance. The construction of the wall is spectacular.The Great Wall winds up and down across deserts,grasslands,mountains and plateaus,stretching approximately 8851.8 kilometers from east to west of China,just like a giant dragon.However,most of materials of construction were carried out and carried in by the builder’s hands and shoulders .sometimes,the donkeys and the goats could help to load some soil andbricks. Anyway,a great army of manpower,composed of soldiers,prisoners and local people,had built the wall for over 2000 years.It stands for an unbeatable power despite all bitter conditions,known as the Great Wall spirit among Chinese people .
The Great Wall is a considerable part of Chinese culture.In all times of Chinese history,it was connected to the culture ,foreign policies and economy.It has been merged with Chinese mythology and symbolism.For example,there is one of the most well-known stories which is about the collapse of the part of the Wall caused by the woman named Jiangnv Meng ,who cried sorrowfully over the death of her husband after he died while building the Wall.This story could be found…