What to Do with Howard Essay

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Taleisha LaCroix
MGT 362

What Do We Do with Howard?

Agrigreen, Inc. has done a lot of moving employees from one position to another. Either someone chose to retire or step down, or they were promoted or transferred. Howard is a guy who obviously does not see himself the way others may see him. They simply have different perceptions. Howards seems like a man who tried his very best at one point. His best performance may not be equal to another persons’ best performance. He was often teased due to the perception of having no work ethic. Not identifying that trait within himself, Howard felt out-casted around the work place and seemed to display some acceptance issues. Even when he found someone that he could relate
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He lacked a proper support system as it seemed as if almost everyone was against him. Not much communication was held with Howard but much communication was held about Howard. Although Howard cannot control the behaviors of anyone else, he can control his own behavior. There obviously are many misunderstandings that have occurred. Howard chose to shut down the lines of communication by staying away from those workers as much as possible. He did not want to be involved with them if he didn’t have to. He was pleased to move to a new building.
Taking into account the above mentioned justifications, I recommend the following solutions: 1. Howard needs to attend a regularly scheduled on-the- job training course. 2. Howard needs to engage in an interpersonal change program by group counseling. The on the job training will help improve his level of competency. Organizations and individuals alike need to continuously work on their developmental skills. In addition to this they should work on researching new ways to improve themselves as well as the company goals. Involving Howard in such actions are expected to lead him toward becoming a more successful and appreciated employee. Allowing Howard to work on his interpersonal skills will help to better cope with the troubles that he has been experiencing on the job.