Whataburger's Global Marketing Strategy

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6.0 Global Marketing Mix Strategies The recommendation under the marketing mix strategies for Whataburger would be to make changes in menu, pricing, new product to attract the customers, and promotion. The approach what WAB has been taking for the newer locations in the United States might work for some of the provinces in Canada but not for all since there is a majority of French descendants in Quebec and New Brunswick which makes out to be more than 25% of Canadian population. Although we are not recommending to make any changes to WAB’s signature items on the menu, it would be preferable to make the necessary changes to attract the right consumers in all across Canada.
6.1 WAB Product Strategy in Canada
The so called fast-casuals restaurants are growing in great numbers both in United States and in Canada in the recent years. Restaurant chains like Hero Certified Burgers, Five Guys and Mucho Burrito have
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These were priced anywhere between $2 to $9 in the United States market which is kind of cheaper to mid level for the quality of food what Whataburger has to offer.
6.2.2 Recommended price strategy Considering the cost of living standards in Canada along with other reasons mentioned earlier, Whataburger should keep a simple price pattern which would be at least 30% more than the US market prices. Not to mention the newer items on the menu which would increase this a little bit but it definitely help Whataburger in the long run to sustain with the current market where the consumers prefer a much more healthier choices even in the fast food chains. So in order to enter a well established market and also to stay above the competitors, Whataburger have to enter strongly with the recommendations.
6.3 WAB Promotion Strategy in