Whatever: Immigration to the United States and Better Life Essay

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June 12, 2013
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Solving the problem of immigration In todays world America is facing thousands of problems but on of the biggest is illegal immigration. Over 11 million people from different countries live in America undocumented to find a fresh start and have a better life than they did before. My argument is should illegal immigrants be granted Amnesty, looking in it I think they should be. What is Amnesty? It is an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses. Illegal immigrants come to the United States to find a chance to have a better life, and who are we to take that dream away we should be helping them as all American in every generation was once in that place.
As Americans we need to see what can improve our country and granting amnesty can help the country by improving the economy and we do not have to worry about them being criminals as less than 5 percent of inmates are illegal immigrants and most are in prison based on immigration violations. The illegal immigrants are also a pig part of the American work force as many of them work on places like farms, construction, and ground maintenance, which are a lot of the back breaking jobs that Americans do not want to do.
America is changing all the time and this is one change that can take America to new heights because of how big this reform could be. Immigrants have been a big part of American history through the years; one great example is Albert Einstein one of the most brilliant minds that the planet has ever since and he immigrated to America from his country of Germany, by this maybe we could be able to find the next albert in the near future if this reform can happen. With granting Amnesty we can fix a problem that has been going on for years with out resolve and finally end it with a solution that everyone can benefit from.