Whatever: Play and Children Essay

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During free time, there were many children playing with sets of train. A teacher interacted with those children by talking and assisting them as they were playing with train. She aslo asked the children question such as “where the train was going?” One child replied “the trains go to town”. Then, the child said “the blue train is Thomas, and the green train is Percy”. The teacher came to the basket to look for a green train; however, there were only blue and red trains. The teacher said “Can we pretend this red train as Percy?” The child smiled and said “Yes,” then the child continued to push the train. I was surprised that the teacher elaborated and built on the children playing. The teacher was able to offer varied and new material and comment to how the child should play. In addition, I realized that the teacher was able to build the interest of children extending of the experience they have while playing. (can you rewrite this sentence em!!) In the past, I had struggled of finding a way to interact with children. I wonder of hoe the mind set of children how they are able to learn. (chi ko hieu cau nay luon) A development of the brain in children may take several years, but after that period, the child is able to be rational. I also wonder how a child is able to get along with teacher and other children at ease. Adults themselves have been challenging interacting with each other while for children, it is very simple; they learn and play together. The