When Choosing a College Essay

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November 19, 2013
When choosing the type of college a person wants to go to there are a few different aspects they should keep in mind. Are they, the type of person who wants to be able to have one on one with their teacher? Be on a campus that has a smaller classroom setting? Be surrounded by fewer people at one time? If anyone answered yes to any of these questions, then they should definitely keep into consideration that a small college campus is the way to go. If they’re the type of person who does not care about these aspects a large campus could suit them very well.
On a large college, campus means that there are going to be a lot of people with various age groups. Having a lot of people around you could have its benefits. When a person is on a large campus with a lot of people, there will always be something to do, or if they need help, but do not want to ask a teacher, they could find a student to help them. The down side to being on a rather large campus is that the classes are a lot larger. In a normal college class room, the class sizes can range from around 100-200 students at one time. Since the classes are larger than those of a small campus that means there are also fewer available times to ask one’s professor questions that they may have during the class time. If they are living on a large college campus, there could actually be many different distractions from others who stay in the same dorm. Having distractions like this can be very harsh for someone’s learning. It could cause them to lose focus during studying and make their grades drop.
On the other hand, being on a small college campus has a lot fewer students. Being on a campus with fewer students can have its disadvantages just like being on a large campus. One disadvantage of going to a campus that is not as large is that it does not have a many students. When you’re on a campus with fewer students, you do not have as many resources you can use to get a hold of someone if you missed a class to get the assignment. On the plus