When Is Lying Bad

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Have you ever had a friend that gets new shoes and they ask you how they look, when they actually look like a cat barf on them? Like when you and your friend goes shopping and your friend finds a really cute dress but you think it look like it was on a trash can. Lying is about to not hurt anyones feelings. It is also to keep someone safe. I think lying is only okay when it is safety or protecting someone's feelings. My thoughts are that lying is hard to do. Lying is sometimes justified when it is a white lie or is the matter of life or death. The only lies that should be told are white lies. Also if it is to protect someone. Like when you don’t use a white lie it hurts friendships, relationships, and family members. In article “It’s the truth Americans conflicted about lying.” It states that “You don’t want your kids to eat too much, so you say all the cookies are gone.”Article by NBCNEWS.com page 2. Lying is bad because it causes to break relationships, friendships, and family. The only type of lying that is okay is white lies. Lies are told everyday which is bad. The only lie should be told are white lies. Because big lies can hurt relationships. …show more content…
It is bad because they can threaten you. On your way home someone can find you and threaten you. They can also beat you up. In article “Rejecting all lies Immanuel Kant” it states that “With the idea that any generous motive, any threat to life, could excuse a lie.” By Bok page 4. The evidence is persuasive because who wants to get threatened? No one likes being threatened because you can die. Threats can kill you. That is why it’s good not to be