Essay on When Key Employees Clash: Case Study

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The Issue
Though the issue looked like personal conflicts on the face, it actually stems from the friction between two departments fundamentally different in their working methods and thought processes. The fact that the two managers, Ellen and Ronnie, with different working styles leading these two departments has only compounded the problem. Ellen’s complaint was that Ronnie’s team is not sending their timesheets in time, which is leading to late payments from the insurer and shortage in cash flow. Even Ronnie acknowledges this but the solution appears to be different in each other’s minds. Ronnie is adamant that they just need more time, while Ellen is saying that genuine effort is required, not just time extensions. As much as
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He has to play different roles at the same time – Boss, Director, mediator, facilitator, and non-judgmental third party.
Alternatively, he can use Arthur to look after the overall business operations of in Florida. After all, it looks like Arthur is missing the work and is eager to work. At the very least, Arthur will be helpful to give an unbiased report on what actually is going on.
Ellen should understand that business is nothing without the actual fieldwork that clinicians are doing on a day-to-day basis. In any case, she should not vent her anger anywhere except in Mathew’s presence, as doing so will only damage the morale of other employee’s. Moreover, she might also lose her peer’s confidence when she needs it very much to accomplish her tasks. As Ronnie and his team are not aware of the difficulties in not turning recording time properly, Ellen should come up with some hard figures showing the lag in receiving payment when employees do not submit timesheets in time. Talking vaguely about cash flow will not hit the intended audience in an effective manner.
Ronnie has lot of support from his subordinates and he should use that support in a way to enhance the organizational capabilities. He would have to monitor the workload of his employees carefully, which might have forced them to take time off after holidays. He has to take ownership of these increased responsibilities