When Private Lives Become Public We Lose Something Of Ourselves Essay

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BY Arnie Ferentinos 9W

“When private lives become public we lose something of ourselves.”!


Modern day Technology is slowly taking over our lives. Technology is used in surveillance and to watch people in their daily lives. These include CCTV cameras and social media. The worlds government's and intelligence agencies also have programs that monitor everyones phone calls, messages and emails on a daily basis. You can lose a sense of self or who you are because your once private secrets become exposed and you feel like everyone knows who you are or what your are like before they even meet you. !


Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reveal a lot about an individual’s identity. On Facebook people can see anything from where you were born and went to school to if you are in a relationship or who your friends are. When people look at these things they may judge you before they even meet you. This means that they never meet the real you, they meet the person you are portrayed to be online. Eventually you lose that person you used to be and become the one you are made to be. Dating websites delve even deeper into your life and have almost everything about you on your profile. On dating websites people may change things about themselves so they become more appealing. By doing this people once again lose their original self and become another person. !


CCTV Cameras allow operators to constantly view people and follow them during their daily lives.
In London alone there are around 422,000 Cameras which is one camera for every 14 people.
Londoners rarely go through their daily life without being spotted on CCTV. By knowing that they are constantly being watched people might change their natural routines or habits because they think the people watching them will judge them. This means that people will lose a sense of their natural self. With…