When Soldiers Rape Summary

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it seem that they want woman to always be vulnerable and obey them. In the essay When Soldiers Rape by Cynthia Enole, it says, "…be hardened enough to survive in a commercialized, often violent milieu, yet be professionally skilled enough to offer war-weary male customers brief solace between battles" (Enole). Here it says that the military nurses should be tough and balance out the highs and lows. The military expect women to cater to these men at all times.
Women are judged for on how they look and are definitely oppressed in many other countries in different ways which men are not. It becomes really wretched when you hear things on the news about a young girl getting raped by a man, one of the questions that I’ll hear people ask is, what was she wearing? The people would end up blaming the girl for the reason to her rape just because she may have had on short shorts or a cropped top. They’ll say, she was asking for it. This is not justice. I’m disappointed in what kind of society I live in; I sometimes wish I could just leave and never look back. But where would I
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I feel that co-education schools, the students are treated more equally. The teachers and professors play a huge role in dealing with this. Teaching students about gender equality is just as important as learning mathematics and other subjects. They should teach the students that they are all equal no matter what gender you are. Implying that throughout the students’ lives I feel it will become more of a norm to see each other an equal rather than one gender being more superior to the other. We must teach our young boys that girls are not objects, but human beings and should be treated as such. Since a lot of these topics go unheard or never discussed, it is why it is an ongoing battle trying to end gender inequality. How can we expect to change how horrible these issues are if we never speck about