Personality And Leadership Characterities Of Bill Clinton And George W. Bush

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in the middle of a bumpy patch, this is President Bush's electoral strength. There's not a lot of good news for the president in the poll numbers right now. Some surveys have his opponent John Kerry ahead. People are doubting the course in Iraq and questioning his handling of the economy.hgbijlkbjjjjjjjqdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddasZZZZZ-

Any of the universally endorsed characteristics (i.e., integrity, fairness, decisiveness, etc.), along with relevant experience and a history of previous leadership successes, are essential in selecting a President or any high-level executive. President Bush's actions were always more on the dictatorial side (another of the universally undesirable leadership qualities) than on the inclusive side. He is NOT known for being a rhetorically gifted popular leader, his overall job approval rating has reached the lowest ever measure

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There are some differences between these presidents. One difference is Bill Clinton and George W. Bushes political party. Bill Clinton was a democrat and George w. Bush is a republican. Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas before he was president and George w. Bush was the Governor of Texas before he was president. These two presidents also have some similarities both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. They both served Eight years as president of the United States. getting married.
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