Essay about When We Are All Connected Humanity Is At Its Best

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‘When we are all connected humanity is at its best’
Are we really at our best when humanity is connected?
You can’t have the best without the worst, does that mean that we all need to embrace our fellow man including murderers and paedophiles and join in the harmony that is unison to be the best we can be? Some people may say that even in our darkest times epic acts of heroism were undertaken by the unlikely such as in bloody wars. When together we are all one unit bound by love, hate and compassion for one another.
But what does it mean by connected?
Does being connected mean we are fully aware of everything and everyone around us? This could be explained by someone not swearing as they know there is a child behind them within ear-shot or someone purposely staying to hold a door open as they noticed an old couple struggling with bags coming their way.
Or does it mean actually being connected in a physical way such as a rowing team going for gold in an Olympic race? We are all connected; to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the universe atomically but is this all relevant to this statement?
Is this a physical or a philosophical statement?
I don’t see how you would answer this scientifically unless you used biological variations in the answer and genes being passed down to form a human which is the start and the end of everything. Answering it philosophically would leave a lot to be discovered ourselves and written about.
Connected to the earth
You can be connected to the earth is many different ways such as meditation, walking in areas of natural beauty or just running your hands