When worlds collide Essay

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1. Go over the list of symptoms of schizophrenia from your notes. Which of these symptoms did Cheong have? Give an example from the article for each. For example, he suffered from hallucinations + example from article.
Symptoms listed in my notes on schizophrenia which Cheong appeared to have based on the articles include the following:
Feelings: The article stated that Cheong did not feel right and was irritated by the sight of the attractive appearances of others and normal sightings and behaviors such as that.
Thoughts: Thought fragments would have rushed thorugh his brain about topics in is life from drug addiction to past girlfriends to suicide. His thoughts become jumbled and overwhelming and sometimes they go blank and are hard to decipher.
Delusions: Believe that pretty women (whoever they may be) laughed at him and are the ones who place the voices in his head.
Hallucinations: Cheong hears voices in his head. He also felt a reaction in his groin which made him have feelings to kill someone, which he viewed women caused and the only way to end it was to kill a beautiful woman. The image of a beautiful woman dying would cure him and make the pain go away.
Illogical thinking: Believes that the killing of someone will make him feel better believes that Charlene turning and looking at him and then looking away was her mocking/making fun of him.

2. Why did Cheong push Minkowski into an oncoming subway - how was this decision related to his mental disorder?
Cheong pushed Minkowski into an oncoming subway because he believed that the image of a beautiful woman dying by his actions would. He believed this in a moment of what he referred to as clarity stating that the one thing in his life that made him feel better was the image in his head of a beautiful woman dying. This decision was related to his mental disorder as he has the signs of a majority of symptoms and facts. A symptom also includes Illogical thinking. As he chose to push an innocent stranger off a ledge into an oncoming subway train.

3. How did this tragic event affect Minkowski’s family? Did it cause mental health issues for anybody else? Explain.
This event caused obsessive behavior for the Mother with maintaining connections with Charlene’s memory and relationship. She isolates herself from social activities such as church to an extent and spends around 6 hours a day at her daughter’s grave. It has put her in the state of depression which she has been given medication for although she begins to feel the pain and grief when the medication wears off. She is terrified of trains, subways and ambulances as it is all a recollection of that night. She chooses to wear Charlene’s clothes to feel close to her. The father and younger siblings chose not to talk about Charlene as their choice of a defense mechanism.

4. Why is Cheong in jail and not in a hospital, like the Royal Ottawa? Which do you think would serve his needs better? Explain
Cheong is in jail and not in a hospital as his plea to be deemed guilty was denied because psychiatrists stated that he fully recognized what he was doing as he went to the substation to find that