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College athletes have such a busy academic schedule and practice schedule all throughout the week which makes their school year very stressful, so why shouldn't they be compensated for their time dedicated to sports. Since the first college sports game, the athletes have never been financially rewarded for their efforts in sports. Yes, they have received scholarships, but college kids that are financially struggling can't always support school, athletics, and a job. College athletes should be paid for participating in college sports to help pay for any expenses outside of school. They should get the money they played hard to earn, and also it would help eliminate recruiting and under the table payments. Playing a college sport is like a full time job, except for no pay like a real job. For example, a male college football player is always doing something 7 days a week for the team, whether it's practice, running, or lifting weights. With an intense schedule like this, they are left with no time to make a living. They are giving their all to the sport that they’re in, and are always striving to get better and succeed. During all of this they don't receive any sort of payment for their efforts that would help them in meeting some ends and paying bills for things they purchased outside of school. Parents can't always support their children, there comes a time when they need to be independent and support themselves. Paying athletes would make them less dependent on their…