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When I was enrolled in the B.A. (Hons) Finance, Accounting and Management programme at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, I did not know I would foster such a strong interest in finance. From financial statements to financial instruments, great delight was evidenced in my study. Reviewing the past three years, my understanding towards classic financial theories was raised from vivid case studies and seminar discussions. Thanks to the advanced British concept of education, I was trained to think critically and allowed much time to be spent on the topics I am intrigued with. Aspired to work for a top-tier investment bank, I intend to strengthen my background in pure finance by following a rigorous master’s programme. The MSc Finance course offered at your renowned WBS precisely meets my demand.

Extensively recognised by industrial leaders, the degree conferred by WBS is an invaluable asset to be added to her graduates, which is also the reason why it is sought after by tons of talented students. Ranked as a top business school in the UK, WBS enjoys unparalleled reputation. In addition, the name of the first institution that acquired triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS has confirmed her undisputed position in academia. Accompanied by her location which associates with London in a 90-minute rotary, I am convinced that choosing WBS will be more than a wise decision. After all, it is Warwick!

As I plan to start my career as a financial analyst, I consider the MSc Finance course to be my prior option. First of all, the programme places focus on financial concepts and quantitative skills that are essential for financial analysts. The partnership with the CFA Institute ensures that the latest and most advanced theories and skills are provided. Additionally, compared with the MSc Accounting and Finance course, I could study one more elective module. From an investor’s point of view, I would be better off to choose MSc Finance, not to mention the tailored module structure. Furthermore, the modules of Asset Pricing and Empirical Finance have attracted my attention in particular. Quantitative methods are expected to be applied in the learning of these two modules, and at the same time, to enhance my analytical capabilities. Finally, I deem the elective modules of Derivative Securities, Big Data Analytics, and Investment Management essential for a financial analyst, for which I would like to master during the study as well.

To join the fierce competition for a place to study at WBS, I am prepared with excellent academic record. Scoring an average of 80% in the penultimate year, I was placed among the top 5 among about 200 students in my major. In my opinion, studying hard may not necessarily make one stand out of the cohort, but interest will do, which can be traced clearly in my performance. Driven by my interest in finance, I have rarely fallen below 80% in any of the finance related modules. Indeed, I feel much joyful in studying corporate finance and investment strategies. For example, when we learned the Black-Scholes model, we were only asked to be acquainted with the formula. Nevertheless, through extracurricular reading, I have been familiarised with the assumptions, the derivation of sell option pricing and binomial tree. Also in my master’s study, I intend to be continuously self-motivated to make the experience a flourish.