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Short Essay: Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? In this great story “Where are you going, where have you been” written by Joyce Carol Oates, is a real treat to a classic drama. There are several characters, but the two major ones are Connie and Arnold, also known as “Arnold Friend”. A fictional story but the plots are close as anyone can get to a real life scenario. Every scene plays out well, but quite few mysteries left readers puzzled. Connie thought she knew who she was, until Arnold’s Friend invaded her private life and she became confused of herself and fear of what her future life will be. Arnold Friend was a strange man. He portrayed himself as a very nice guy and sexually appealing to Connie at the beginning and get really crazy toward the end with his obsession of her. Connie, a fifteen years old girl in the nineteen sixties grows up in a small town with her family. Connie is always in the mirror admiring herself and her beauty. Above all, she knew, she was pretty. She does not like to play the role of daughter, sister and nice girl figure. She has a very boring and unhappy life at home. Connie’s mother is always at her neck. She wants her to act and behave as her older sister June. Her sister June is very quiet and does everything to please her parents. Their father at home do not involve in anything in the house, needless to say get involved in the girls’ life. He is almost nonexistent to them. At fifteen years of age like any other teenager, Connie does not care much about anything her mother has to say to her. She wanted to have fun and enjoy a good life. She enjoys her looks, the hip hop music that she listens to, having fun and hangs around with her friends and sneaks out to grown up places with the boys. She is living in a fantasy world that would soon be change with the unexpected visit from a strange man named Arnold Friend in his Gold shinny convertible car.
One afternoon after Connie spent the entire day dried her in the sun. Arnold made a grand appearance at her home in his shiny new paint convertible car, while her parents and her sister are out to a family barbeque. Now, how did he know where she lives and suddenly show up at her place unexpectedly? Most likely, he probably followed her home when she comes home from hang out with her friends. She couldn’t figure out how he knew her name. He wanted her to come outside the house and go for a ride with him in his car. Connie refused and rejected his offer, she didn’t feel comfortable ride with him, and…