Where Do We Go Essay

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Elle Franz
Prof. Lisa Sapra
Reading Response #1 I chose to do the Reading Response on John Gatto’s article “Against School”. In this article that was actually published in a magazine he speaks about how school really is a waste. That in the end it will end up being the parents who will need to teach the child and that the schooling system now- a-days is basically a waste. Till a few years ago I would have completely disagreed with Mr. Gatto but now having kids I can’t help but notice how spot on he is. I love the kids and I always ensure to make time if they need help with school but I must say it appears that the schools are more or less having the kids get acquainted with the other students more so than teaching. I find when the kids come home at night that their minds haven’t really understood the few minutes of teaching from that day. I then am having to begin about a foot after the start line on a 3K run with them. I am all for having kids socialize and build relationships but I also believe it is necessary to make each of them have a work ethic, understand simple math, and know how to spell common words. I believe just like Gatto does that school doesn’t necessarily need to take place during those “five days a week, nine months a year, for twelve years” (149). School has become a place for adults to drop their kids off to be baby sat while they venture off to work. This whole no child left behind plan has not only enforced that fact that Gatto…