Where Does Identity Come From Essay

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Where does identity come from?
Identity comes from within your-self; it is who you are and what you do. I have learned a lot about my identity, I understand it more because of the articles we read as a class, the videos we watched, and the poems we read. What makes up my identity are the books and magazines I read, the sports I play, the people I hang out with, and my whole life experiences. In the videos we watched about identity I learned that some people look at others and judge them based on their skin color, race, or age. I saw how you can see someone in a magazine and think they might be someone that always wears make-up, eight inch heels and only wears designer clothes then you hear their story and see that’s not really them. A lot of times people have an identity crisis, which is when you can’t figure your-self out, or when you act like someone who you’re not.
Throughout your life you may experience hard times, trying to figure out who you are, you could try act like someone you’re not, and end up lost in this big world. If it happens to you it’s okay because everyone who seem to have a perfect life might actually be lost trying to find themselves too. I to have gone through this in my life. Identity is a tricky thing to understand which is why so many people go through a crisis, but in the end sooner or later you’ll find who you really are!
In my life I have overcome many things some bad some good, but through it all I found my identity. I am a hockey,