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Where would you get a variety of ingredients from all around the world in a reusable pint container? Chances are, your answer would be Talenti Gelato. With the finest ingredients all over the world such as caramel from Belgium to coconuts from Papua New Guinea, there is absolutely no doubt why Talenti is America’s best selling gelato. It all starts off with fresh, hormone-free milk straight out of the farm. Then it goes to the pure cane sugar -- and high fructose corn syrup is never an option. It’s just that simple. These are the ingredients what makes the 21 flavors of Talenti Gelato. Using the freshest ingredients or otherwise called the “good stuff”, Talenti’s main goal is to create gelato just as it was invented from the WWII era to your freezer. Founded by Josh Hochschuler, his idea was to make a rainbow effect by using clear container instead of selling them in trays for customers to scoop. Talenti’s sales increased by 86% in just one year; sales jumped from $1 million to a projected $100 million in the year of 2013. Talenti made a total of $1 billion ever since the year of 1995. With 21 different decisions to make and coming around seven dollars a pint, you can also turn the ice cream container into a work of art. Talenti’s annual “Pint-cycling” contest encourages customers all across the U.S to turn their ice cream container into whatever they want. The winner would receive a whole year supply of Talenti Gelato. The main goal was to encourage us to reuse items…