Whey Protein Essay

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Whey Protein a Fat Loss Supplement? We all see the huge jugs of protein as we pass by in grocery stores or various other places that sell the supplement; usually with an eye catching advertisement like a ripped female/male, or a delicious looking drink made of that of the powder. For my assignment I happened to have a jug and after examining it I saw that the company making the whey protein claimed “this protein has jaw dropping results that limit weight gain.” This surprised me, I thought the purpose of the powder was to encourage protein/calories and promote weight gain? Not being sure whether to agree with the statement or not, after research done it was clear that the advertisement, was in fact, true. According to an article written in the Department of Heath and Exercise Science “All of the constituents of whey protein provide high levels of the essential and branched chain amino acids. The bioactivities of these proteins possess many beneficial properties as well. Additionally, whey is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Whey protein is most recognized for its applicability in sports nutrition (Hoffman/Folvo 121).” In every journal, whey protein is described as having great effects on the body. After reading many excerpts like the one above, I knew that we discussed protein in great depth in class and knew that there were very important essential amino acids in this compound. I then went to the label of my protein and found the numbers to be surprising. In a forty-two gram serving Leucine, which accounts for muscle health, was at 1,616 milligrams and many other essential amino acids like Valine, which helps promote mental strength, at 1076 milligrams. There is no question that whey protein is beneficial but I still wanted to know just how well it worked with weight loss. In class Dr. Baum presented a chart that showed the fat gained from a whey breakfast vs. wheat and the results were in favor of whey with about only seven grams of fat coming from it while still having a greater muscle gained percent. PennMedicine.org reports that a healthy diet is consumed of around sixty-five grams per day and of that no more than twenty-two grams of saturated fat should be consumed. If that’s the case then consuming whey protein in the form of a meal would be just the perfect amount of fat and still allowing you to fit in fifteen more grams of fat in two meals. Standing from an aspect of trying to lose weight, whey would make a great decision. Still searching for more proof I came across an analysis done by PubMed.org with the objective of taking people and with or without resistance to exercise while on a whey diet, and examining the body weight and body composition after. “The current body of literature supports the use of Whey Protein, either as a supplement combined with resistance exercise or as part of a weight loss or weight maintenance