Essay on Which country is responsible for causing WW1

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The progression in technology along with changes in philosophical viewpoint and mind-set and the shift of power to a newer generation all have contributed to the escalation of one of the wars that has changed the world forever: the Great War or the World War I. In contrast to common belief in which Germany is responsible for causing the war with her warmongering attitude, in was in fact Serbia, a small and insignificant Balkan country that played the not-so-much-insignificant role of sparking the war. The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the neighbouring Austria-Hungary on the 28th of June was a major event that had led to the escalation of war. This was due to the fact that the assassins were from an organisation called ‘Black Hand’, which was a radical Serbian terrorist group and more importantly, which was not known by Austria-Hungary by then, the Serbian government was aware of the assassination plot at the time but failed to react or warn Austria-Hungary and afterwards, was unable to locate and capture the culprits. This enraged Austrian-Hungarian royalties, not the general population however, and pushing them to take some form of immediate actions against Serbia. However, in order to accomplish this, Austria-Hungary had to call for the help of her ally Germany who in turn, gave them the ‘blank cheque’ of unconditional support. Germany hoped that by starting a quick war and called for peace, Austria could humiliate Serbia without the interference of any other major powers. At the same time, by allying with Austria, Germany would in turn, give a warning to any European powers trying to protect Serbia. As a result of the German’s support, Austria-Hungary was prepared for war with Serbia, confidently believing in her victory, therefore sending the Serbian government the unacceptable ultimatum. Serbia was smart enough to agree on all but the last term, however, and this led to Austria-Hungary declaring war to Serbia on the 28th of July. One thing that Germany had yet to anticipate was the Russia mobilisation, which was right after the Austria’s declaration of war, on the 29th of July. This consequently led to the German’s activation of the Schlieffen Plan which aims were to crush France on the Western Front in one blow with a lightning fast advance and then return with the full force to deal with Russia on the Eastern Front. Despite that, Germany still sent an ultimatum to Russia demanding Russia to step down. This was declined by Russia, therefore Germany declared war on Russia, as a result, starting the continental war on Europe. Germany originally planned to march through Belgium but the request