Which Man And Women Would T Like To Be Skinny And Handsome Like A Model

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Which man and women wouldn’t like to be skinny and handsome like a model? It just fabulous to have a perfect body shape but, not everyone was born to be a model. To be a model you have to do an extract diets and a list of exercise. At least the dream of most of the women’s is to eat whatever they want and stay with the same weight. I say this because I personally love to eat cakes, an enjoyable pizza, ice cream etc. But, these things makes you gain weight if don’t do exercise and I hate doing exercise but, I need to because as a women I care about my appearance. That’s what the majority of us do. We always worry about our hair, nails, and the clothes we put on. In my personal thinking I’m sure that three of five women’s when they go to clothe store and try a clothes on they always ask for a second opinion, and the typical question is " Do you think this dress makes me look fat?" or "I think these jeans makes me look fat." You know us women’s always ask stuff like that. When me and my sister go shopping she always ask me questions like that, and I also be her asking her the same question. Many women’s get so obsessed with the look of their appearance that they get to a point where they don’t feel comfortable with the look of their appearance. What they actually do is take drastic decisions by doing an exaggerated diet or just simply starving. Another one is eating and then putting your finger in your mouth to vomit everything they had eaten. That’s when the problem comes. We can say this person has a serious eating disorder that might lead that person to an illness called anorexia nervosa. This devastating disorder cause life-threatening conditions and depression. Although having an eating disorder may allow one to look like a malnourished person, the physical and psychological harm they cause, definitely outweigh any perceived benefits. (4therapy.com)

According to (4therapy.com) "Anorexia Nervosa" it’s a harmful eating disorder most commonly on young women. The disorder makes the person lose weight abnormally because, intentionally the person start to starve, there are two types of anorexia the one the person starts starving extremely and the other one is when the person eats a large amount of food and then use the "self-induced vomiting." Basically what they saying is, the person introduced their finger into their mouth to vomit. They become so obsessed with this strategy that gaining weight is not allowed in their mind, and they will not eat in public or most of the time. Anorexics reject sharing meals with families and friends. In the article “Anorexia Nervosa” (4therapy.com) it states that this emotional illness starts on the adolescent and the causes might vary. For instance, the divorce of the parents, bullying in school, participation in sports like modeling, horse racing etc. The article in the website also says that people who actually have anorexia don’t assume that this illness can cause extremely dangerous results for them. The simple fact of their malnourishment can affect their organs like their heart. Their heart can start beating slower and slower and it can lead to a heart attack in the majority of the cases when the anorexic is too advanced the person cannot resist the attack and died. The article also states that in some cases the individual experienced seizure attacks and serious nerve problems in their hands and feet and damaging thinking disorders (thoughts may come and go rapidly). The damage that anorexics do to themselves can be permanent because even though they can recover from the anorexia by taking professional therapy and eating the calories their body needs, they can fall into a deep depression and they need to be constantly under psychotherapy because most of them think about taking their own life away. Anorexia is very dangerous.
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