Why I M In College Essay

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Why I’m in College Why I’m in College? The main reason I’m in college is to invest in myself. Knowledge is very important. Unlike materialistic things it sticks with you forever. Also college is important to me because most careers require college education. It’s a choice that ensures better opportunities for my family and I. Additionally my career choice is to become a registered nurse which involves helping people, something I enjoy greatly.
I’d rather invest in things other than the car I will be driving or stocks. Like the knowledge that will get me that a great job I will love one day. In my opinion college is the best way to gain knowledge and experience. There are numerous amounts of classes I can take according to my degree plan. What is better than gaining knowledge for a certain career I will love?
I don’t attend college just for myself. It’s also for my future kids and husband. To ensure they have a great comfortable life. I didn’t have too many opportunities growing up so I want to make sure my kids have every opportunity I can provide for them. So they can succeed in life just like I’m doing as we speak. I want them to succeed in life. It is my job to give them the opportunities that will increase the chances of them to also become successful.
Another reason I attend college is to become a registered nurse. Being a RN is a great way to assist people who need my help. I love to help people, especially people who can’t help themselves.