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Whirlpool Corporation
DATE: TO: September 18, 2008 Dana Donnley Director of Employee Communication, Whirlpool Corporation Human Resources, Whirlpool Corporation Whirlpool Insurance Provider Legal Department, Whirlpool Corporation Corporate Communications, Whirlpool Corporation XXXXXX XXXXXX Employee Communication Manager Implementation of New Whirlpool Corporation Employee Wellness Program




This memo recommends that Whirlpool Corporation announce a new expansion to the Employee Wellness Program: the inclusion of spouses of employees. By offering annual physicals to employees and their spouses, Whirlpool hopes to see a decrease in company insurance spending and an increase in employee productivity and
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b. We must make the inclusion of our employees’ spouses a simple and readily available option. The ease of the process will only facilitate more participation. RECOMMENDATIONS It is my recommendation that the addition to the Whirlpool Corporation Employee Wellness Program be implemented as soon as possible. In order to this successfully, I believe that the following should occur:

Implementation of New Whirlpool Corporation Employee Wellness Program September 18, 2008 Page 3 of 3 1. Send a letter to each employee announcing the addition to the Wellness Program. By sending this letter, it will remind our employees of the benefits already available to them and hopefully increase participation. In addition, the letter will tell of the new addition to the program, something they will share with their spouses. Rather than contacting the spouses directly, it is important to convince our own employees of the benefits first. To do so, the letter must assure the ease of this process. (Action: Employee Communications) 2. Place an announcement on the company website and bulletin board to promote awareness of the opportunities the program has to offer. Because this program is voluntary, it is very possible that our employees forget about this opportunity or believe they don’t have time for the physical. By placing a reminder in a popular location, it is more likely that employees will be aware of the opportunity and participate. (Action: Employee Communications, Human Resources)