Essay on Whistleblowing: Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Whistleblowers Center

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I found both and to both be informative and very interesting. The website with the “s” I felt very interesting in their displayed photos and true stories of situations about what actually happened in situations that involved such offices as Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), multibillion dollar corporations and the military of this great country. This website houses the National Whistleblowers Center known as NWC. They provide direct assistance, legal protection and offer communications to help yourself with laws regarding your case. They have such areas in their website that is very knowledgeable like “know your rights”, a legal library and attorney referral services. This website helps people deal with whistleblowing without fear and is dedicated to protecting employee’s lawful disclosure of waste, fraud and abuse.
The website without the “s”, the is a public interest law firm. This website houses the Government Accountability Program known as the GAP. They help individuals use free speech rights to challenge abuses of power and betray the public trust and help against retaliation. They post many informative cases against health, animal rights and the food industry. This firm investigates the actual act against which the whistleblowing is stating and they help strengthen laws protecting assistance and educate the public.
Both websites are similar in that they are very informative with