Whistling Vivaldi Essay

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In Claude steels book whistling Vivaldi, he makes some good examples of sexist and racial stereo types. One sexist stereo type he brought into attention is women are not good at math. With that stereo type he did an experiment to prove that stereo type right. Another experiment he tried was with race and there were many experiments Claude Steele had done with this stereo type from testing the ability of black and white students to sitting them in a room and let them talk about the subject of racism. In this book there are a lot of strong points from how racism affect us and how we can overcome them then weak point such as his controlled social experiments.

In the whistling Vivaldi stele believes that this thing called stereo type threat is what causes students to do worst in areas of a view of a negative stereotype. a stereo type threat is a “self-confirming belief that one may be evaluated on a negative stereo … students who are reminded about their race or gender before taking a test preform worse on those test”. In the book Steele Conducted a racial baste experiment with a group of white and a group of black students from Princeton, and there “athletic abilities”. The stereotype threat in this experiment is that the black students are more superior in sports
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The reasons why it is hard to talk about these thing is that whoever is talking doesn’t want to be labeled a racist or someone might be offended by the way they say it. this experiment involves a large group of people in a room talk about two subjects. The first subject to talk about was love. and for this first discussion the chairs that the students were sitting in were set close to each other. Then the group was asked to leave and after they left the researchers move the chairs further back from each other. The students were asked to come back and were asked to talk about racism and stereo types. Stereotype stereo