White Collar Crime Research Paper

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0. Definition and example of white collar crime(three types Benson and Moore) and the reasoning (cause)
White collar crime
I. The justice system is ineffective on white collar crime (what does the government do about white collar crime? How do they handle it? Why?) 1. Police and their implication with white collar crime. -they don't care much for white collar crime -focus is on street crime -Justice system keeps the rich, richer and the poor, poorer (Link to the courts) -professional versus unprofessional (solution : classes of protection therefore volunteer policeman) superheroes.(Heroes, like in the movie can patrol the streets while the government focuses on white collar crime) a. dedicated superheroes are more effective Example Zimmer try to flag cops down. 2. Courts are ineffective on white collar crimes -the richer you are, the easier it is to live life out of jail -Courts fine these individuals but this does not deter crime - the criminal weighs the bad versus the good before performing a crime. If the good outweighs the good, the criminal does the crime. For the rich the bad isn't so bad -in big the lawyers fight the court. No need of a defendant or a victim (link to victims of white collar crime) -The goals of law are not met when we speak of white collar crimes
II. Victims 1.superheroes have been victims in their youth. This motivates them to become the heroes they are today.