Essay about White People and Police Bruitality Victim

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Do police cops abuse their powers?
By: Feda Hammood Period: 9
There has been a widespread of police brutality all around the United States for the past few months. There has been an outrageous number of police abuses occuring lately. The police officers are using excessive and unnecessary force when dealing with civilians. Color discrimination has also been a major inout into why police have been abusing their powers.
Communites expect the police to serve and protect but in reality people need to be protected from the protectors. In central New Jersey, for instance, 99 percent of police brutailty complaints were never investigated. Only one out of every three accused cops are convicted nationwide. Even though the conviction rate is double that! In Chicago, the numbers are even worse. There are bout 10,000 abuse complaints filed against the Chicago PDOn and about 95 percent of these misconduct cases are declined.
What drew the attention to police brutality and sparked this issue the most was the death of Eric Garner and many other innocent victims. Officer Pantaleo used a forbidden tactic named a choke hold to bruitaliza Eric Garner just because of allegedly selling loose cigarettes, and for telling the officer camly to quit harrassing him. He was upset since he was confronted many times. Keep in mind that he didn't attempt to fight nor flight, he didnt act violently whatsoever, he had no weapon and on top of this he was heavily outnumbered. Placing him in a chokehold was a really irresponsible decision considering he is a 400 pound man and had asthma. This victim told him about 11 times "I can't breath" but the officer still had his hand on the victim head and unfortunently resulting in the death of Eric Garner. The are many more situations involving police brutailty like the Michael Brown case, an unarmed teenager and many more.
Minorities are unfairly targeted, especially Blacks and Latinos. The common public face of a police bruitality victim can be most usually a Black or Latino young man. For a more particular example, one of