White Privilege Analysis

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Diversity comes in many shapes and many sizes. Ranging from culture to culture, women to men, black to white and even more now than ever gay to straight. As I was pondering which diversity topic to write about it hit me. I wanted to write about something that I really felt would help me, and diversify me. So I chose to write about the white privilege and how it impacts the workplace. I have had many conversations about this topic and I have seen many views and opinions on it. For the most part, white privilege, is not seen as a diversity that is at a disadvantage. And I agree completely, I also just feel that I was raised and taught to ignore it and not really see it, which is not a good thing. That was a main thing that Peggy Mcintosh talked …show more content…
Then in my own words to sum up the rest of her article, she talks about how white privilege is indeed elusive and fugitive. As an ending she goes into some points on the differences between earned strength and unearned power.
White privilege simply put is; the benefits we as white people gain in everyday society from directly being white. And the biggest word from that definition is benefit. I am in in way saying that it is ok for me to have anymore right or benefit than the person next to me just because I am white. However, I would be naive if I said that it didn't exist. It does exist, and it is sad that I am looked upon in a higher way from society just because of my skin color, it just is not fair. Peggy lists many day to day things that are benefiting her as a white woman and I agree with every single one. Yet, one that stands out a lot is this, “ 5 . I can turn on the television