White Privilege And Male Privilege Summary

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In Peggy McIntosh article “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account”
She makes some interesting eye opening points about what it means to be privilege in society. Many people still believe that we are all inherently equal and that we are way past argument of equality and that’s where the problem lies. People of color along with blacks can see white privilege quite clearly but have no power to change it. White privilege is a recurring pattern in history that has to do with, domination and power. White privilege definitely shapes the world we live in today. Being white in America automatically comes with perks. Being white means there will always be a candidate that reflects your race, you won’t get questioned about why you got the job it’s just implied you were qualified, you don’t have to worry about being followed around in the store and the list can go on. One does not have to be racially prejudice to benefit from white privileges. However, it is unfair to know that some people are already born with a gold spoon in their mouth while others will work twice as hard and may not even reach that ladder .Our journey to success is longer bridge to cross. They are certain things white people will never have to face because of the color of their skin. For example, I am constantly being asked about the country of my
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People of color are constantly being harassed on a daily basis because of their skin color. The stop and frisk program is to meant to get guns and drugs off the street, however people of color are predominately the ones who are targeted. Most people who are stopped on the streets have done nothing wrong. Stop and frisk can be a helpful tool when used appropriately, however there is an abuse of stop and frisk. Minorities and people of color are the main targets. Police officers abuse the purpose of stop and frisk. People’s human rights are being violated on a daily basis due to unlawful