White Privilege In Cry, The Beloved Country

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Recently, there has been many racial prejudice events happening across the United States. For example, the most controversial topic, police brutality, and how the white police specifically are killing innocent black people. However, many people think that racism is gone, but it’s not. The media manipulate and make all black people look like bad people, for instance, when they commit a crime, they take their worst picture rather than taking their school graduation picture, and yet, when white people commit the same crime the media titles it, “scholar arrested for etc”. and uses their school graduation picture. This alone, something so simple, is a clear example of the kind of racial prejudice we have today. Considering this, we should use white …show more content…
In the book, Cry, The Beloved Country, both Arthur and James Jarvis use their white privilege. For instance, Arthur uses his white privilege by becoming a bold advocate for black people, he becomes the bridge between the white and the blacks and does his best to give the black South Africans the same privileges that the white people are given. Furthermore, Arthur Jarvis was able to become such a huge influence in the black community that without him the possibility of creating an African Boy’s Club would be close to zero. In addition, Arthur also writes manuscripts talking about his views regarding the black African crime and how to improve the unfair treatment put upon them. In these articles, Arthur is extremely educated on what he is talking about, and the reason he is so well educated is because of his white privilege, at this time in history black people rarely ever got any education, but white people did. As for James Jarvis, for a white man, success is inevitable, near the end of the novel, James uses his success and wealth to help Kumalo and the black community of Ndotsheni in terms of both health and living conditions. The actions of both Arthur and James Jarvis is the kind of way white privilege should be taken advantage of in order to fix the racial prejudice we have