White Socks Short Story Analysis

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Grace is a 3 years old girl who loves stuffed animal and her favorite one is named White Socks. Grace takes White Socks wherever she goes because White Socks is Grace's best friend. One day, Grace's family had to go to out of town for shopping, and Grace lost White Socks in a store and cannot find her. Grace is sad and wished that she had listened her parents because they told Grace to keep White Socks in the car. Grace could not stop crying because she misses White Socks very much. Grace's dad even bought a new stuffed animal for her, but it does not make Grace feel better. Luckily, Grace’s family decided to go back to the shopping center look for White Socks, a someone turned White Socks into the lost-and-find office, and White Socks is in Grace’s arm again. …show more content…
The setting and the characters of the story are believable, which go to shopping with family and take a favorite item along: children can associate with Grace’s attachment and emotion toward White Socks. The plot includes climax and resolution that bring a variety of emotion such as disappointment, sadness, helplessness, and happiness. Children can understand how sad Grace is when she looses White Socks, and how happy when Grace found White