White Star Line and Ornate Wooden Coffin Essay

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Claim: The Titanic went to a watery grave carrying a cursed mummy in its holds.
The Princess of Amen-Ra lived in 1,500 years before Christ. When she died, she was laid in an ornate wooden coffin and buried deep in a vault at Luxor, beside the Nile. In 1890s, four rich young Englishmen visited Luxor and buy an exquisitely fashioned mummy case containing the remains of Princess Amen-Ra. A few hours later, the first man was seen walking out towards the desert and never returned. The second man was shot by an Egyptian servant accidentally. The third man returned home and got hold his entire savings by the bank. The fourth guy lost his job and was reduced to selling matches in the street.
Nevertheless, the coffin reached England, where it was bought by a London businessman. Then three of his family members had been injured in a road accident and his house got fire. So, the businessman donated it to the British Museum. As the coffin was being unload from a truck, the truck suddenly went into reserve and trapped a passerby. The casket was being lift up by two workmen, and one of that people fell and broke his leg, the other one died two day later. The Museum’s night watchmen frequently heard frantic hammering and sobbing from the coffin. One watchman died on duty; making the other watchmen scares and wants to quit. Finally, the authorities had the mummy carried down to the basement figuring it could not be harm down there. Within a week, one of the helper was seriously