White Supremacy Essay

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White supremacy is a belief that all white people are superior to all minorities. I never really understood what white supremacy was until I watched American History X movie. When watching American History X, I did not realized how much white people hate minorities. I always knew it was an issue, but never thought the racism was still just as bad in certain areas. A new insight that this assignment as giving me is that hate crimes will always exist no matter what, unless you take the older generation and put them on an island away from the new generations and let them die together and start fresh with the newer generation (totally impossible). As I try to understand why white people have so much hate within them, makes my head hurt. I just don’t understand why. Understanding more about White Supremacy groups makes me not like my own kind because I’m a very cultural person and I couldn’t ever imagine doing anything to any other person of color. One thing that I learned was that many white supremacists maintain low profiles, seeking to champion their beliefs through support of their racist organizations. Others, however, are well known to the public by their repeated appearances in the media. White supremacists groups are everywhere in the United States, other countries and prisons. White supremacist groups continue to grow. The number of hate groups working in the United States continues to rise throughout the nation. Therefore, since the white supremacist groups continue