White Tiger Research Paper

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I am enlightened, sickened and horrified by the white tiger information I just read for this assignment. The whole time reading I kept saying to myself, “I am not going to read any further.” Luckily, as I continued, I realized there were no new gory details provided. I guess it is easy to surmise that I had no idea of the treatment, lineage, or genetics of the white tiger. HOW AWFUL! I just told my neighbor that people who come into this area to drop off and abandon their pets should be shot. There should be much greater punishment for people who continue to breed these poor tigers.

Is there a way to stop this inbreeding totally? I wonder. How do these people who witness these babies first hand continue to do it? The love of money is the root of all evil. What a perfect example of that statement. And I wonder how I am going to be able to put my elderly dog to sleep when the time comes. These people are killing undesired tigers for no legitimate reason. They are breeding them knowing full well that the tigers can possibly be born with all these birth defects. It is animal abuse, not conservation, pure and simple. These people should be, at least, arrested and put on trial.

How anybody can see the actual proof of what can happen to these inbred tigers through seeing the Kenny photos and still pay money to go see a white tiger in a zoo is beyond me. I will say that they are strikingly beautiful, but orange tigers are too. I think they should stop breeding these animals…