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Location of my investigation
Map of Northern Ireland

Map of the Mourne Mountains For my investigation I travelled to the Mourne Mountains which are located in County Down in the South East of Northern Ireland.
Course of White Water River from its Source to its Mouth

The river starts at Pigeon Rock Mountain.
The river flows in a southerly direction from its source to its mouth.
The height of the land is 348 metres above sea level.
The river has steep valley sides.
It is a V-shaped valley as it is evident on map.
The tributaries that join the river include Yellow water and Pigeon Rock River.

Meaning of key words in investigation

Source: The source of headwaters of a river or stream is the place from which the water in the river or stream originates.
Mouth: The place where the river meets.
Tributary: A river that is flowing into it.
Confluence: Refers to the point where a tributary joins a more major river.
Long Profile diagram of a River Velocity: River velocity determines quantity and size of rock fragments and sediments carried by the river.
Discharge: It is the amount of water that flows through the river bed.ddd
Bed load: The coarser fraction of a rivers total sediment load, which is carried along the bed by sliding, rolling and saltation.
Hydraulic radius: A measure of a rivers channel efficiency, and is used by water engineers to assess the likelihood of flood.

How the shape of a river channel changes from its source to its mouth…