White dog cafe case Essay

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As owner of the White Dog Café, Judy Wicks must decide how she can improve her restaurants growth in the short, medium, and long term while continuing the restaurants social programs and maintaining its current ethical position. After an analysis of the current situation, we will present viable alternatives to ensure the White Dog Café continues its commitment in the long term to social responsibility in a manner that allows Judy Wicks to step down as owner of the Café. We will prove to Judy Wicks that her restaurant can maintain its growth without her at the helm. We will provide a two-year strategy on how to implement these changes to make sure the restructuring process allows the restaurant to
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Although she maintains the controlling ownership, she does not have the capability of growing in size and social influence that an added partner would permit.
ALTERNATIVE 2 The company’s ability to generate great revenue margins and remain a model for ethical practices has made the White Dog Café an excellent company with great potential. As such, many investors would be interested in working with Ms. Wicks on a partnership basis. Ms. Wicks should focus on choosing a partner that believes in the company’s core values and maintain the current ethical standards. By properly choosing a partner that will have a 51% share in the Café, the partner will have the ability to manage the company and oversee day-to-day management of the restaurant. Furthermore, the company will be able to grow with the additional funds the new partner will invest in the restaurant. By giving up a majority ownership and control, Ms. Wicks will no longer need to care for the restaurants’ operations but can chose to remain to support the restaurant’s social programs. As she will not need to micromanage every area of the company, it gives her the freedom to focus on the community events. It is essential Ms. Wicks keep the employees up to date with the changes to ensure a family atmosphere and increase the company’s transparency.
Moreover, before signing the agreement, she can set up internal policies that would regulate the company to ensure the mission does not change. For